Those who farm and manage Ellingham estate are keen to do so in a way that protects and encourages the wonderful environment and nature of this corner of North Northumberland. For this reason, all the farmland on the estate has been entered into the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, a programme run by Natural England which commits farmers to manage land in an environmentally friendly manner

Examples of the scheme details include:

  • The planting of new hedgerows on the estate. This not only preserves the historic patterns of field boundaries but also ensures an attractive habitat for farmland birds and small mammals.
  • Wildlife diversity is also being encouraged by the creation of grassy margins around our arable fields. Some arable land is also being reverted back to pasture. This is of particular benefit to ground nesting birds.
  • Heather moorland is also included in the scheme. The estate has been encouraging the regeneration of healthy moorland by limiting the number of stock which may be grazed on the moorland and the times when they may be allowed on the land.
  • Creation of a number of permissive footpaths, to allow the public to enjoy the environment of Ellingham Estate.
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